I am a PhD candidate in geography at Ghent University, Belgium, and the University of Luxembourg, and a research fellow at the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER). My PhD is part of the FINWEBS project (INTER/FWO/16/11312037/FinWebs), which examines the role of agency in interconnecting international financial centres. Within this, I am studying organizational and technological change in financial infrastructure, focusing on cross-border payments, particularly correspondent banking and SWIFT.

I am interested in economic and financial geography, political economy, power, global finance, financial infrastructure, payments, correspondent banking, SWIFT, fintech, money, CBDC, blockchain, digital assets and tokenization, institutions, the state, East Asia, among others. I hold an MA in global political economy from the University of Sussex, UK.

My life is mostly on hold and severely limited since March 2021 due to long COVID. Because of this, I am also interested in research on causes and treatment of long COVID, ME/CFS, and other post-acute infection syndromes, as well as on the history, psychologization, and stigmatization of these conditions.


Peer-reviewed journal articles

Robinson, Gary, Sabine Dörry, and Ben Derudder. 2023. ‘Global Networks of Finance and Information at the Crossroads: Correspondent Banking and SWIFT’. Global Networks 23 (2): 478–493. doi:10.1111/glob.12408 open access logo

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Robinson, Gary. 2017. ‘Pragmatic Financialisation: The Role of the Japanese Post Office’. New Political Economy 22 (1): 61-75. doi:10.1080/13563467.2016.1195347 | Download accepted version PDF file logo

Working papers

Dörry, Sabine, Gary Robinson, and Ben Derudder. 2018. There Is No Alternative: SWIFT as Infrastructure Intermediary in Global Financial Markets. Financial Geography Working Paper #22. FinGeo PDF file logo

Book reviews

Robinson, Gary. 2018. ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects: A Global Analysis of Global Finance. Book Review of: Hall S. 2017. Global Finance: Places, Spaces and People. London, Sage.’ Articulo - Journal of Urban Research, June. doi:10.4000/articulo.3545